About Us

It's Just About A Bike as simple as that.
This journey begins from our passion for adventure cycling and sports.
Having both lived and worked in France and in the UK for many years, we sensed the love of people towards our native region, their passion for Italian scrumptious food, its artistic richness and natural beauty.
Just over two years ago, by telling each other how lucky we were, we became fascinated by the idea to give everyone the opportunity to discover our stunning Lake from a different perspective and, thinking how about cycling with us?
At Jaab we do things a bit differently, from uphill adventures to picturesque villages our tours are designed to give you a rare insight and a superb taste of our extraordinary region, the chance to really challenge yourself on the road, touch your limits and of course, have fun and a great time with us!!
Be prepared to fly on the road, we can't wait to ride with you.
"There is no limitation to the mind except those we acknowledge"
                                                                        Napoleon Hill

 Cofounder Roby&Hila

Meet the Team


Born and raised in Casargo, a little village up on the Alps on the east side of Lake Como.

Sports have always been a huge part of my life, ever since I was a little kid when my father taught me to ski I took the slopes before I could walk and, soon after I began racing.

Growing up I turned my passion into a career becoming a Federal Coach, Ski, Snowboard & Telemark Instructor in the French Alps and when the season ends, along with watching my son playing rugby in the local team I always enjoyed engaging in different sports disciplines where I learned and feel challenged every day.

Tennis, swimming and karate taught me rules and determination, climbing and running nurture my focus and endurance but above all, there is cycling which still teaches me perseverance,  patience and, feeling inspired with amazing scenery thanks to the place I live.

Given my love for riding, I then decided to qualify as MTB guide to offer everyone the chance to explore this spectacular landscape on a non-conventional terrain.

And, today still with the desire to explore, to teach and to spend unforgettable time cycling I'm really looking forward to riding with you and I promise I'll keep you happy with my smile and teammates!


Moved from Lecco to ‘Around the World’ making my passion for travel my profession, after a few years I have been relocated to the fast-paced London where a more stable life led me to discover cycling.

On a Sunday morning, I would escape the big smoke riding my bike to Windsor enjoying the beautiful countryside and a cheeky Pimms.

Being passionate about fitness and sports all my life, I have performed different disciplines such as skiing, diving, surf, kitesurf, boxes, krav maga, running, yoga, pilates but it was cycling that really captured my heart over the years, it makes me feel free and challenged at the same time!

Missing my beautiful landscapes and mountains I quickly realised that London was too busy for my free soul and decided to come back where my heart belongs.


My stunning Lake is a cyclist dream come true, grab your chance to visit I can’t wait for you to experience a physical challenge in a wonderful country and, enjoy a glass of Vino at the end of your day.

JaabCycling   Via Provinciale 2, 23831 Casargo -Italy-    
  +39 348 56 39 659 | jaabcycling@hotmail.com
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